Today we represent the 2nd generation of this family wine estate created in the 1950's. A this time, the trade of Champagne wine was just a complement of the work in the vineyards.

It is only years later that the Champagne distribution developed and thrived until nowadays, the consumption of Champagne increasing constantly.

Located in Vallée de la Marne, mainly composed with Pinot Meunier (85 %), together with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties, our estate today covers 6 hectares.

Elaborated with great care, our cuvees grow for a long time in cellar to get fully mature and express all their flavours in your glass of champagne.

Brut Tradition

This is a blending Champagne wine produced both with a base of Pinot Meunier and a touch of Chardonnay. Location of the vineyards: Vallée de la Marne left bank. Clay-limestone soil.

This wine is fruity and fresh, with a slightly marked tint. It can easily accompany your meal, from aperitif to dessert. Ideal temperature: 8 to 10°. The winemaking process is made with great care and attention and the follow-up is exemplary so as to maintain a regular authenticity for our clients. This wine can be also offered half-dry, in half bottles and in magnum-size bottles.

Brut Rosé

Pinot Meunier is the grape variety.

Its shimmering ruby colour and fresh nose will bring to your table a quite particular touch for aperitif or dessert.

Brut Prestige

This wine is made from the blending of the three typical Champagne grape varieties: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The winemaking brings a fine and fresh wine with a clear robe. Its highly attractive presentation will turn it into a cuvee of exception on your table.

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